Mobile & Text Banking

PFSBMobile* offers the ultimate convenience in banking – 24 hour access to your accounts straight from your mobile devices. With our apps and mobile browser you’ll be able to view your account balances, review transaction history, transfer funds between PFSB accounts and make loan payments, as well as locate Piedmont Federal branches. With text banking you can view balances and transaction history.


Our apps are made specifically for your smartphone (iPhone® or Android™) and tablet (iPad®)**. They allow you to access your accounts to check balances, view detailed account activity and to make transfers and loan payments.

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You can use PFSBMobile even without a smartphone. Any web-enabled mobile phone can access PFSBMobile via mobile browser** at Our mobile browser version includes the same features as our apps.

To sign up for PFSBMobile Banking please visit


You can access your accounts via text (SMS) messages on your mobile device.*** It's a fast, easy way to look up account balances or recent activity. All you need is your Mobile Banking sign-in information and a mobile phone that can support text messaging.

To activate Text Banking please visit

For more information about Text Banking see our PFSBMobile Text Banking User Guide »

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Does PFSBMobile cost anything?
There are no fees to use or access the website, text banking or Apps. However message and data rates may apply. Please check with your wireless provider.
Is PFSBMobile safe?

Via Text Banking, no detailed personal information is sent.

Via Website and Apps, we do not store username or password*, 128-bit encryption masks your sensitive data, and when you close your browser or the app, the session ends**.

* Never set the app, Web or client-text service to automatically log you in to your bank account.
** Set the phone to require a password to power on the handset or awake it from sleep mode.

Additionally, only phones that you personally enroll in the service can access your accounts.
What accounts will I be able to access?
All Savings, Checking, Certificates of Deposits (including Retirement) and Loan accounts are accessible.
What if my device is lost or stolen?
Even though account information is not stored on your device, you can suspend your mobile banking access. You can do this by either logging into the Mobile Browser ( or by clicking on the Mobile Banking Center link on Piedmont Federal Savings Bank home page. Devices can be reinstated once found. During normal banking hours (Monday - Thursday 9AM -5PM, Friday 9AM - 6PM), you may also call (336) 770-1076 for assistance.
What happens if I change my mobile phone number? If I change my mobile provider?
If I get a new device with the same number?
All of these changes can be managed via the Mobile Banking Center.

*PFSBMobile is not the same as our online banking and bill payment services.

**Access to PFSBMobile via mobile browser or application may vary depending on your device and wireless service plan. Your wireless carrier may require a data plan for use. Please check with your wireless carrier for details of your plan.

iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

***Piedmont Federal does not charge for Text Banking. However, your mobile service provider may charge for sending and receiving text messages on your mobile phone. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges that may apply.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Security Tips

At Piedmont Federal, we take safeguarding your personal and financial information very seriously.

Here are a few simple tips to help protect your information as you track your finances


  • Set a strong account password that has at least one number and capitalized letter. Do not use your name, birth date or other easily identifiable personal information in your password to avoid hacking. Try to change your password frequently, usually every 30 days.
  • Treat your phone like a computer by down loading security patch updates and antivirus software on your phone.
  • Always secure your phone and SIM card (subscriber identity module) with a password. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, it will protect your private and secure information.
  • Only download applications from trusted sources. Make sure to download updates regularly, as often times these include fixes to security flaws.
  • Read an application’s privacy policy to be aware of what they are doing with your private information.
  • Take note of pop-up notices and other alerts that may be warning you about security issues or leaving trusted sites.
  • Delete text messages from your bank once you’ve read them.
  • Always log off completely after using a mobile banking site or application. Make sure to clear out all information on your phone before discarding it.


  • Send your personal information or online banking credentials via e-mail or text, as both are easy to intercept.
  • Enter personal information unless there’s an “s” after http, which indicates that the site is secure. Also, look for security symbols such as an icon of a lock.
  • Bank or shop online while on a smartphone when using unsecured, public WiFi access.
  • Set your phone settings to auto-fill User ID’s or Password information.
  • Click on any links in e-mails that claim to be from your bank. Instead go to your bank’s website directly to log in.
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